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10 Local Brands Our Stomachs Are Thankful For

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

10 Winston-Salem Brands Our Stomachs Are Thankful For
We can't get enough of these Winston-Salem favorites!
"Food may be essential as food for the body, but good food is fuel for the soul." - Malcolm Forbes

2020 has been a colorful year to say the least, but something everyone seems to be holding close to their hearts is good food. What did you name your sourdough starter?

Ask anyone and they will tell you that Winston-Salem residents are passionate about their local food. As a grocery store carrying over 50 local brands, we felt it our duty to spread the word about some of our favorite foods being made right here in the Triad.

Rosey Blooms Collard Greens Winston Salem. 16 oz and 32 oz jars.
Rosey Blooms Collard Greens in 16 oz and 32 oz jars.

Rosey Blooms Collard Greens

Rosey Bloom’s provides delicious, fully-seasoned, home-made collard greens ready to eat in minutes! Strong relationships with local farmers guarantee they are able to secure the freshest, all-natural produce available.

Not only are Rosey Bloom’s collard greens delicious, they’re a true super-food jam-packed with health benefits. Both their “Traditional Style” and “Vegetarian Recipe” are full of flavor and savory until the last bite. Great additions to any food gift basket!

Happie Snacks Winston Salem, North Carolina, Buie's Market.
Happie Snacks in Banana, Pizza and Okra

Happie Food Snacks

Regardless of whether you are transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle, or just want to add more variety to your meals, Happie Food has your back.

She'Retha Davis started the company to show that vegan (meatless meals) are just as tasty, exciting, and most importantly, fulfilling as any other meal. She has succeeded. These snacks are a big deal! Easy to eat and made from 100% Fresh Produce, you'll be so glad you grabbed these! Great stocking stuffers too.

Armstrong artisan farms winston salem north carolina, eggs and ground sausage under Christmas tree.
Armstrong Ground Sausage and Eggs

Armstrong Artisan Farms

Armstrong Farms began in 2009 with the marriage of Austin and Jessica. Now along with their (4) children produce top quality Artisan pasture-raised pork, lamb, fresh eggs, and pasture-raised beef.

AAF takes great pride in making sure all animals are raised in a humane, natural, healthy way. If you have not tried their delicious, flavorful farm fresh eggs, we promise you will not regret it.

Y'all Sauce Company Winston Salem, North Carolina. Buie's Market.
Henry Bain and Mississippi Comeback Sauces

Y'all Sauce Company

Josh McGee and Paige Harlow met and became friends through Highland Baptist Church in Louisville, KY. These black sheep Baptist became fast friends and connected over a love of the South, a taste for bourbon and they both cuss a little.

The sauce they make will make you want to cuss a little too. From Kentucky's Tangy Henry Bain Sauce, to the sweet and spicy Tennessee Jezebel Sauce, and last but certainly not least the creamy Mississippi Comeback sauce. Replace your ranch with this creamy concoction. Made with creamy mayo, creole mustard & creole seasonings.

Extraordinary Snacks Winston Salem, North Carolina. Buie's Market.
Extraordinary Snacks Assorted Variety

Extraordinary Snack Company

Owner Erica Thorneburg self describes as,"a neuromuscular therapist by trade and a healthy food connoisseur by default." You cannot eat just one of these tasty treats.

Every Extraordinary Snack begins with raw, unprocessed, sustainably sourced nuts. Basically, nuts are seeds in disguise, so when they’re soaked, something amazing happens. Once these activated nuts reach their pinnacle nutritional value, they toss them in mouth-watering marinades to build complex flavor profiles, and slowly dehydrate each batch until light and crisp.

Mother's Finest Urban Farm, Winston Salem North Carolina, Buie's Market
Mother's Finest Scotch Bonnet Honey and Fire Tonic

Mother's Finest Urban Family Farms

Owned by powerhouse farmer, mother and creator Samantha Foxx, Mother's Finest Urban Farm is the talk of the town. Bee keeping courses, managing 7 acres across Winston-Salem city limits, a CSA and production of their retail products keep the farm busy.

At Buie's Market we are incredibly grateful for their hard work though, as we cannot stop daydreaming about adding their Scotch Bonnet infused honey to a glaze. Perfect for meat, vegetables or even as an addition to a local gift basket!

Moravian Bake Shop, Winston Salem North Carolina, Buie's Market
Moravian Bake Shop Lemon and Spice Cookies

Moravian Bakeshop

The Wilkerson's are back! Famous for their sugar cakes and wafer thin Moravian spice cookies, they have relaunched themselves as Moravian Bakeshop.

The cookies will be available with the traditional molasses and spice flavoring, but also as sugar cookies in such flavors as ginger, orange brandy and lemon. Currently we have both lemon and Spice in store.

Noah's Mediterranean Marinades, Chicken and beef, Buie's Market Winston Salem
Noah's Mediterranean Marinades

Noah's Mediterranean Health Foods

Noah's wanted to bring the taste of the Mediterranean to your table inspired by one of the most well known dishes in the whole world; shish kabobs. Growing up in Turkey, at the crossroads of many cultures and cuisines, food has always played a central role in owner Bener Doguc's life.

He created chicken and beef marinades so that you can enjoy delicious kabobs and add the taste of the Mediterranean to your chicken and beef dishes. Noah's cooked marinades are perfect for grilling and any other cooking method you may choose. They are perfectly fine to use as a dipping sauces as well. Perfect for a quick and easy dinner for everyone!

Village Juice Company, Buie's Market, Winston Salem, North Carolina
VJC Cold Pressed Juices and OMG Bar

Village Juice Company

Village Juice believes in clean food and raw juice - full of nutrients, free of artificial anything and Mother Earth-approved.

2-4 pounds of fresh, delicious produce per bottle. That’s a lot of produce! Whether you're nursing a hangover or simply trying to cut back between holiday feasts, these juices are worth every penny and we think you will agree.

Chad's Carolina Corn, Buie's Market, Winston Salem North Carolina
Buffalo Wing, Dill Pickle, White Cheddar + Caramel Mix

Chad's Carolina Corn

Chad's Carolina Corn is the finest gourmet popcorn you will ever have the pleasure of tasting. That's because it's popped to perfection using the best ingredients available and an intense desire to make the best gourmet popcorn in the world.

Having been a long time popcorn addict, Chad Huskey decided that it made sense to do what you love. Flavors like Buffalo Wing, Dill Pickle compliment classics like White Cheddar and Caramel and make a great addition to any Holiday gift basket or stocking.


Buie's Market, Grocery Store, Winston Salem North Carolina
Buie's Market - 749 Avalon Rd N. Winston Salem, NC 27104

These are only a handful of the 50+ local vendors we feature at Buie's Market. From local milk and cheese to bread, meat and snacks, you can buy all of your groceries while supporting local farms and businesses right here in Winston Salem.

If you would like to order gift baskets of locally made goods for your friends and family or your business call us at 336-602-2504.

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