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12 Days of Holiday Giveaways 2021

Buie's Market is back! With our 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways!

Here's how it works:

Each of the next 12 week days (Monday- Friday) we will be doing a drawing! The 12 winners will walk away with over $1000 in local food, prizes, merch and more! You enter by sharing the post, and tagging your friends so that they can get in on these awesome prizes too!

Prizes Include:

Black Mountain Chocolate Ultimate Sampler Gift Box

"The Ultimate Sampler Gift Box has our entire Black Mountain Chocolate chocolate line! It includes all five of our classic dark chocolate bars, our 3 deluxe Big Winston Bars, and both of our award winning Drinking Chocolate flavors! Shop online for a fair trade, organic, artisan made gift that is sure to delight!"

Black Mountain Chocolate is NC's Original Craft Chocolate Maker. Serving fair-trade chocolate, desserts, and artisan cocktails in our spacious new lounge behind the iconic RJR smokestacks in Innovation Quarter, downtown Winston-Salem.

Camino Bakery Gift Set

Prize: Camino's small gift box with a loaf of chocolate babka. Our small gift box contains a Camino mug, 2 single serving packets of Counter Culture coffee beans, a 5$ gift card, and a holiday greeting card!

Camino is a community driven bakery in the heart of Winston Salem.

Antonio Carlo Gourmet Sauces (4 Jars)

The winner will receive one of each jar of Antonio Carlo artisan pasta sauces! These sauces are so good you'll forget they're not home made. Crafted in Charlotte, NC.

"It all began three generations ago in a small village, where I’m from, in Genoa, Italy. This is where my Nona perfected her idea of a homemade, all purpose “MARI-NAADA” sauce. Keeping with tradition, I’ve been making this sauce for over 50 years and let me tell you something, this ain’t no ragoooo. It’s the real deal. You’re gonna love it. Buon appetito!"

Bruce Julian Heritage Foods Snack Basket

The winner will receive a tasty assortment of Bruce Julian snacks all crafted in Charlottte, NC. They have provided all the gracious Southern Classics.

"We dug deep into our memories of favorite things throughout our lives like learning to dance standing on our Daddy's shoes, Mom's making the perfect Pecan Pie, brunches with friends, and casual dinners at home. All these moments came together creating an amazing array of Savory, Sassy and Southern Fare to share with you."

Tea and Toast Shop Tea Gift Pack

The Winner will receive two large bags of Holiday Flavored Tea and Toast Teas!

"Tea and Toast is a modern tea shop centered around premium loose leaf tea and created for the modern tea drinker.

All of our products are intended to help bring people together and create an experience, and our hope is that they are able to do just that for anyone who purchases one. In Spring 2021, we began offering frequent pop-ups and events through Winston-Salem NC, where we bring goods from the online shop and also serve up fresh tea creations by the cup."

Gorilla Grains Granola

The winner will receive up to four (4) bags of Gorilla Grains Original Granola made in Burlington, NC.

After marrying a chef, owner Alicia Rehburg spent 14 years perfecting this granola recipe into something her husband would willingly eat every single day. Now she packages it in Burlington, NC and we have the privilege of access to a long curated delicious granola.

Win some and try it for yourself!

Sweets Elderberry Syrup Gift Set

Win one (1) bottle of Sweet's Elderberry Shrub, one (1) shotglass, one (1) pour spout, one (1) insulated zippered tote bag ($35 value)

"Elevate beverages, craft amazing cocktail/mocktails, or get creative in the kitchen this holiday with Sweet's Elderberry Shrub, a delicious organic infusion that's a finalist for the 2022 Good Food Awards and the 2021 Our State Made in NC Awards. This set includes a 16 oz bottle of shrub, reusable lidded spout and shotglass, PLUS an insulated zippered tote bag for eco-conscious shopping all year round. Sweet's Elderberry is committed to bringing your family the health benefits of organic elderberries with honesty, purity, and exceptional taste. "

Armstrong Artisan Farms Locally Made Dryer Balls

Win 1 set of Reusable Handmade Dryer Balls.

"Our Dryer Balls are handmade here at Armstrong Artisan Farm with the wool from our sheep.

They reduce static, help with lint, can be scented, are safe with all clothes, last 3 to 5 years, and are 100% recyclable-just toss them in the woods and the birds and squirrels will snatch them right up!

At Armstrong Artisan Farm we strive to produce everything in the most natural and sustainable method possible and dryer balls are just another example of the great products that we offer. "

Wilkerson's Moravian Cookies Gift Set

Aren't these new boxes SO cute? Win all 4 flavors of these delicious Winston Salem made cookies!

"Baking has been our family's pride, passion, and way of life since 1925. We lovingly craft our Moravian sugar cake and cookies the traditional way, thoughtfully sourcing our ingredients from around the world and using the secrets we've learned from generations of master bakers. Just like our great-grandfather, we bake to preserve an early American tradition of making cookies with delicate mastery and protected craftsmanship. Balancing spice with mystique. Sugar with savory. And flavor with memories."

Dinners On the Porch Gift Set

You can win:

1 Large Porch Chicken Enchilada

3 Corn and 3 Flour Chips

and 2 Powerball 2 packs

+ 2 Porch Tees

Dinner's On the Porch is owned and operated by The Porch Winston Salem. Located in the West End, the Porch provides a delicious assortment of TexMex options.

Piefalutin Gourmet Pies

Win up to 3 Piefalutin White Meat Chicken Pies. These pies are frozen and perfect for when you need something quick and tasty to make for dinner. Made in Winston Salem.

"Our locally handmade Moravian-Style Chicken Pies are now available! Look for a variety of sweet pies and other gourmet goods in the future.

No ingredients ever frozen prior to pie assembly. Fresh pastry preparation ensures a moist, flaky, delicious crust. We create our own natural chicken broth during the chicken preparation."

Pure Intentions Coffee Holiday Gift Set

Calling all coffee fans! We've got just the prize for you! From our Charlotte based high-end specialty coffee roaster, Pure Intentions Coffee, we've got:

1 Pack of Holiday Edition Whole Bean

1 Pure Intentions Iced Coffee Cup

1 Koozie

1 6 pack of Canned Lightly Caffeinated Cold Brew

"Pure Intentions Coffee began with an idea that everyone deserves a personal experience with great coffee. From the beginning, our portfolio of coffees has been curated to span the spectrum of coffee flavors and consumer experiences."

Mrs G's Cheese Straws Gift Packs

Win up to 6 packs of Mrs G's Gourmet Cheese Straw Snacks!

Mrs G. is STILL making these incredible cheese straws right here in Winston Salem just like her grandma taught her.

Always ready to greet you with a hug and a smile, Mrs. G makes these incredible snacks in both regular and spicy for the adventurous soul.

Grab yours today at Buie's Market!

Buie's Market Merch Gift Set

Win a Gift Pack from us at Buie's Market.

You can show your love for your favorite local market with this tote bag full of goodies!

Buie's Market is more than a grocery store. It is a lifestyle support system. Tons of grab and go options, an incredible beer and wine selection, Café and more! Stop by today!

You can enter our Buie's Market 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways by sharing the official post on either our Instagram or our Facebook. Enter as many times as you want to win these incredible prizes!

Shop these items in store or online 7 days a week!

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