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Here's The Tea.... on Winston Salem's Tea and Toast

Give a big Buie's Family, "Welcome," to Tea and Toast, available now online and in store at Buie's!

Hi Kiley!

Tell us about yourself and why you do what you do:

I'm Kiley, and I launched Tea and Toast back in 2019 when I felt the nudge to do something different in my life! After spending the past near-decade helping other people build and market/brand their businesses, I decided it was time to do that for myself. Through my experience and passion for hospitality and love for delicious tea and pretty things, a vision for Tea and Toast was brought to life naturally and I am so glad I took the leap to start this work-in-progress venture. My love for tea started at an early age, and I vividly remember my sisters and I throwing 'tea parties' {with juice and water!} in the bedroom we shared when we were little. In high school, I invited my friends over to bake cookies and sip on tea with me. And now as an adult, one of my favorite things to do is host guests in my own home, make them something to eat and steep cups of one of the latest blends I'm working on-- or, maybe even shake up a tea cocktail using a fresh Tea Elixir from my shop {this last one is a crowd pleaser!}


Tell Us A Little About Your Company!

Along with individual packages of tea, sustainable teaware, limited edition tea boxes and more, Tea and Toast also has a Tea Cocktail Line featuring Seasonal Tea Elixirs {a blend of loose leaf, citrus, fruit & garden botanicals} which are intended to create an easy yet unique tea cocktail. Just add your wine, beer, or other spirit of choice, or enjoy as is and on ice for a "mocktail" version!

Recipes can be found on our social media and blog throughout the year, giving you ideas of what can be created with our Tea Elixirs. All of our products at Tea and Toast are intended to help bring people together and create an experience, and our hope is that they are able to do just that for anyone who purchases from us! In 2021, we began offering frequent pop-up shops and events throughout the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina, where we bring goods from the online shop and also serve up fresh teas and delicious mocktail-style beverages by the cup. You can also find our products served and sold in restaurants, bakeries and retail stores throughout NC. ​ Home is where the heart is, and Tea and Toast products are made to help make yours all the sweeter.


What has owning a small business taught you about the impact of shopping local?

Before starting a business, I knew NC had a great community of small businesses, farmers, makers, producers, etc, but I had NO IDEA how many until I got out there and became one myself. Now knowing how much hard work it really takes to run a business, I've been able to more deeply appreciate my small business friends and neighbors, and now more than ever can fully understand the importance of keeping my dollars spent as locally as possible.


What do you like about Buie's Market?

I like Buie's Market because it's exactly what Winston-Salem needs! A neighborhood store filled with fresh produce, a wide range of local products, and other unique items that you can't find just anywhere in town. Buie's Market also cares about the community, helping small businesses thrive, and is more than just a grocery store -- there's just something special about it!

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